© 2019 by MAX PARK

Blue Morning

Subtle streaks of rain drops on the window

Images dance slowly through my mind

Silent sailboats in the distance billow

Some memories keep glowing warmer with departed time  

Loneliness feeds bittersweet nostalgia

Empty rooms too quiet to endure

Petty qualms that cannot be imagined

The broken heart belies the honest face that isn’t sure

Here and now

Lost in time

Long ago

Far away

Amber leaves descend on barren byways

Shuttered houses brace before the gales

Sodden seabirds flutter on a wire

A slow parade of careless clouds drifts through uncolored skies

Fading whispers echo in this canyon

Scents of scenes too easy to recall

Feel the phantom touch of a companion

Abandonment resigned to fatalistic curtain call


Here and now

Lost in time

Long ago

Far away

Finally a clearing in the ashen air

Puddles shimmer in the passing gloom

Twilight’s looming menace hovers elsewhere

I know in time pavement cracks reveal the flower’s bloom

And soon the light will sing, the flowers bloom